Printing Machine

Auto Lable Slitting Machine

DK-320 auto slitting machine is the associated one for die-cutting machinery, which is used for small size reel material slitting.

Lable Die Cutting Machine

The machine adopts accurate flatten die-cutting system, material towing controlled by computer, web-guiding by three photoelectric eyes.

Flexo Lable Printing Machine

It Adopts the ceramic alniox cylinder to transfer the ink. The unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetic power brake, clutch, (Or controlled by auto tension controller of Mitsubishi of Japan).

Roll to Roll Screen Lable Printing Machine

The machine is used for printing on reel material of PVC, OPP, Dacron, Security mark, adhesive tape, etc.

Large Size Semiautomatic Screen Printing Machine

JB series is kind of planer printing machine with large size, which can be use to printing large board, large planer glass, in-door and out-door ornament and other material.

Microcomputer Screen Printing Machine JB-PY4060

It has adopting double workbenches and adaptive system with the advantages of simple operation and precise orientation. It has a Power system is driver by electric motor with adjustable frequency and speed

Microcomputer Screen Printing Machine JB-PY6090G

This machine's printing effect is very excellent by using four air cylinder. Its height of the screen release device can be quickly adjusted. Ensure printing precision and quality.

Auto Cylinder Screen Press

Auto cylinder screen press is kind of auto flat screen press of high speed precision. It’s skilled manufacture, reasonable structure; stable and high speed print paper feeding is equipped.