Auto Cylinder Screen Press

General Info


Auto cylinder screen press is kind of auto flat screen press of high speed precision. It’s skilled manufacture, reasonable structure; stable and high speed print paper feeding is equipped. It is suitable for soft and half -soft materials of frequency control of motor speed is monitored and controlled automatically. PLC programmable controller controls the whole machine. Centralized control is adopted in this machine with easy operation and high sensitivity. It reaches an advanced level in the country. Only one person is needed to operate the press.

This Machine can be used in kinds of print, especially colors of golden and credit card and so on. The full oil, fresh color and stereoscopic model make the press better than others. Otherwise customers can equip the machine with dryer, UV photo fixation machine, paper collection machine into an auto screen press line

Technical Data

Model JB-720 JB-780 JB-1020
Max. Paper Dimension 720 x 520mm 780 x 540mm 1020 x 720mm
Min. Paper Dimension 350 x 270mm 350 x 270mm 560 x 350mm
Max. printing Dimension 720 x 500mm 780 x 520mm 1020 x 700mm
Border 20 MM 20 MM 20 MM
Paper thickness 120-250g/M² 120-250g/M² 108-250g/M²
Printing plate Dimension 880 x 880 MM 940 x 940 MM 1280 x 1140 MM
Max. Printing Speed 1000~3600s/h 1000~3300s/h 1000~2500s/h
Weight 3500 kg 3800 kg 5500 kg
Power 7.62kw 7.62kw 7.72kw
Overall Dimensions 4100 x 1960 x 1270 MM 4100 x 2080 x 1270 MM 4750 x 2720 x 1430 MM


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