Microcomputer Screen Printing Machine JB-PY6090G

General Info


1.    Printing effect very excellent by using four air cylinder.

2.    The height of the screen release device can be quickly adjusted. Ensure printing precision and quality.

3.    The Tension pressure for printing blade, ink-return blade is adjusted separately at infinite speed,  which increases the service lift and printing quality of half tone.

4.    Printing stroke and half tone fixed system can be quickly adjusted to meet different printing area.

Technical Data:

Model JB-PY6090G JB-PY8012G
Max. printing acreage 600 x 900mm 800 x 1200mm
Max Dimension of the Frame 1000 x 1100mm 1300 x 1500mm
Dimension of the Work Bench 800 x 1000mm 1000 x 1300mm
Printing Speed 20p/min 16p/min
Printing to Thickness 0 – 40mm 0 – 40mm
Height of Instant off- Network 0 – 15mm 0 – 20mm
Weight 500 KG 600 KG
Over all Dimension 1600 x 1200 x 1300mm 1900 x 1400 x1400mm


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