Conventional Positive Printing Plate

NOVEL positive offset printing plates are researched & manufactured to meet todays demanding pressroom conditions. Produced on sophisticated continuous process line using only aluminum coils of the highest standard, our inspection system & online control technology guarantees the reliability & consistency of quality.

Adopting unique combination of advanced electrochemical graining, anodizing and coating technology enhance the performance of the plate. It can come up with excellent result on the printing machine with long run impression.

Technical Specification

Plate type Conventional positive
Substrate Electromechanically grained and anodized lithographic aluminum
Gauge 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, (mm)
Maximum width 1300mm
Spectral sensitivity 350 – 450nm peak sensitivity 415nm
Recommended Ugra Stochastic Clear 1; Normal – Clear 2
Recommended Stouffer Stochastic Clear 2; Normal – Clear 3
Handling Plates are light sensitive. Handle under yellow safelight (UV Free) until processed.
Resolution per Ugra / Fogra recommendations 7 Microns 1-99%
Run length Unbaked over 50,000 Baked over 100,000
(Run length depends on printing conditions like press, ink, paper and so on.)
Process Conventional
developer temperature
18-22ºC by hand;
20-23ºC by machine
Shelf life 18-21 months when stored in a light-free area away from excessive cold, heat and high humidity
Plate cleaner compatibility Universal Plate Cleaner; Gum Washout Solution

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