Thermal CTP Plate

NOVEL High performance Thermal CTP plate with Electro-chemical graining, Anodizing and Hydrophilic treatment of Aluminum and improved 830 nm sensitive coating. Our Thermal CTP plate give stable performance, high sensitivity, good dot-reproduction and sharp dot edge . Our Plates can match with various type of plate setter and developing solution without adjustment. Our thermal CTP plate is used in domestic and international market world wide. Our CTP plates cover high speed imaging with high resolution  and producing excellent prints.

Technical Details

Plate type Thermal CTP
Substrate Electromechanically grained and anodized lithographic aluminum
Gauge 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, (mm)
Maximum width 1300mm
Spectral sensitivity 830nm
Sensitivity 120-140mJ/cm2 (mJ/cmvaries based on plate setter manufacturer)2
Resolution Dot reproduction 1%-99% at 200lpi
Coating color Blue
Thermal Plate setters 830nm laser CTP Plate setter
Accredited Developers Kodak or our own (Fuji Developer is not suitable)
Developing Temperature 23°C-25°C
Developing Time 23 – 25 seconds

Newly produced developer can be used for Speed 23 – 25 seconds at 23°C.

With the aging of developer, developing temperature is raised, but better not extend developing time. For newly produced developer, it can have shorter developing time with higher temperature, such as 25? for 30 seconds, but better not higher than 30?.

Baking 230? for 2-5 minutes
Run Length

Unbaked over 50,000

Baked over 200,000

(Run length depends on exposure energy, processing and printing quality controls and conditions)

Shelf life 12 months
Storage and handling 10 ~ 30?, hold humidity below 65%. Do not store for more than 12 months. Being transported, with light transportation release, crash, break, and fall.

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