General Info


1.    Constant temperature controlled automatically.
2.    Burning temperature distributes uniformity and no distortion, level up on the face of a whole page.
3.    It’s stainless steel frame can ensure durability and. Keep the surface from defiled by rust.
4.    Heat insulation device is to raise temperature quickly.
5.    Its vertical frame with two plates can minimize the release of heat in order to save energy.

Technical Data

Model KL1500 KL1300 KL1150
The size of plate 1400 × 1700mm 1200 × 1300mm 1050 × 1150mm
Max quantity of plate 2 or 4 plates (according to the plate size)
Burning temperature Room temp.~270°C
Power supply 3phase 4lines, 380V, 50Hz
Total power 9.5KW
Dimension 2385 × 620 × 2070mm 1985 × 620 × 1870mm 1735 × 620 ×1820mm
Net weight 523kg 480kg 420kg


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