Auto Lable Slitting Machine

General Info


DK-320 auto slitting machine is the associated one for die-cutting machinery, which is used for small size reel material slitting. It has the function of automatic meter counting, automatic stopping, web guiding by photoelectric eye. The machine has the characteristics of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting, steady running etc.

DK-320 auto slitting machine adopts rewinding and unwinding shaft, tension is controlled by friction paper (you can choose the magnetic clutch to adjust), the unwinding material has the function of auto web-guiding, the photoelectric eye is KONTEC brand (Taiwan) and the machine has auto meter counting, which can set the length and amount. The machine can stop automatically.

Technical Data:

Model DK 320
Cutting speed
Max web width
Max unwinding diameter 500 mm
Overall diameter 1.1mX0.9mX1.3m (L*W*H)
Machine weigh 400kg


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