Automatic Printing Frame Series

General Info


Function: It is computer program-controlled, secondary pumping, main and subsidiary exposure, Light integrating system, together with a lamp, desk and four drawers.

Appearance: Adopting 2mm cold rolling steel plate as the main material with full closed hard screen and beautiful model, it is stiff and smooth.

Material: Vacuum and photo electricity system are all make of electrical elements with famous brands.

Quality: The dots will not fall down or deform, 10% dot.

Technical Data

Model SBK1150-GM4
Printing size 1150 × 880mm
Light source power Full power: 4 ± 0.2kw

Half power : 1 kw

Timer for exposure 0-999s
Total power 4.5kw
Dimensions 1600 × 1280 × 2150mm
Net weight 485kg
Gross weight 635kg


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